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  Where Strength and Flexibility meet!

Ramp up to Freedom, Ramp up to Safety

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Roll-A-Ramp holds up to one ton!  
Holds up to one ton!
Fabricated of strong anodized aerospace aluminum, Roll-A-Ramp holds up to 2,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight!

Note: Actual Roll-A-Ramps are black anodized aluminum. Photos were taken of aluminum models to better illustrate fabrication material.

  Roll-A-Ramp is the option for wheelchair and scooter users that want the access without the cost of a chair lift.

  Allows access to your vehicle and can transfer to an entry ramp for your house in minutes.

  Light weight with incredible load rating, up to 1 ton.

  Conveniently stores in most cars and vans. Rolls up for easy storage and transport. Converts from a roll up ramp to a folding ramp.

  Engineered for a smooth entry and exit with all wheelchair styles.

  Go from vehicle to home to friends with ease. We believe that without access you are not truly mobile.

  10 Year Unconditional Warranty

  VA Approved - VA Contract #V797P-3900K

  40% more strength than competitive ramps and weighs up to 25% less.

  You can extend the length with simple tools. Your ramp is not obsolete if your needs change.

  Ramps are manufactured & shipped in any length needed in widths of 12", 26", 30"

Roll-A-Ramp fits in a trunk after being rolled up.

Roll-A-Ramp 12-inch Twin Ramps

12" Wide  8' Long Twin Ramps

Portable - rolls up or folds quickly

Can carry any width wheelchair-ramp pairs set up to accommodate virtually any wheelbase

Easily transfers from vehicle to vehicle

Bariatric products and off road style chairs are no problem

Light - each standard 12-inch x 8-foot section weighs only 26 pounds. Comes as a set of 2.
Your Price$1288.00

 Choose Another Length of Twin Roll-A-Ramps.

3' x 12" - $465.00

 4' x 12" - $625.00 

5' x 12" - $785.00

6' x 12" - $950.00

7' x 12" - $1100.00

9' x 12" - $1448.00

10' x 12" - $1575.00

11' x 12" - $1750.00

12' x 12" - $1900.00

13' x 12" - $2144.00


Roll-A-Ramp is Flexible and Easy to Use

26" To 30" Wide Roll-A-Ramp

Perfect for those users who want access into a mini-van

Also available with a mounting bracket for use with a bi-fold ramp

Lightweight - An 8 foot section weighs only 41 lbs.
  Free shipping in the USA!
Part No. A1267A19   

8'X 26" Your price $865.00

            Choose another Length Roll-A-Ramp
                              4' x 26" -  $470.00 


5' x 26" - $580.00

 6' x 26" - $690.00 

7' x 26" - $795.00

9' x 26" - $1000.00

10' x 26" - $1120.00

11' x 26" - $1275.00

12' x 26" - $1376.00

13' x 26" - $1525.00

30" Wide Roll-A-Ramp 

Ramp up to Convenience, Ramp up to Safety - Roll-A-Ramp

  Single span ramp allows care giver to walk up the ramp

  Strong - 8-foot length carries 1000 pounds

  Our most popular style.

  Portable - rolls up or folds quickly

  Easily transfers from vehicle to vehicle

  Relatively Light - each standard 30-inch x 8-foot section weighs only 45 pounds.

30 Inch Roll-A-Ramp Prices

3' x 30" - $340.00

4' x 30" - $450.00

5' x 30" - $584.00

6' x 30" - $712.00

7' x 30" -  $785.00

8' x 30" - $895.00

9' x 30" -  $1000.00

10' x 30" - $1160.00

11' x 30" - $1320.00

12' x 30" -  $1,390.00

13' x 30" - $1,525.00




Wheeled lowered entry plate.

Using the patented and innovative Roll-A-Ramp product, you can now get a powered ramp access system for any full size van, with or without a lowered floor. Designed to fit all GM, Ford, Dodge and Sprinter models.

The Autofold Option runs $2995.00 Each for Conventional (non-lowered)  

Autofold Option for Lowered Van Floors $2995.00 Each

Autofold Remote Control is $295.00 Each. 


Remote Control

Safety - Roll-A-Ramp - West Fargo, North Dakota  
Industrial Uses - The ideal solution for use as an industrial ramp. Contractors, homeowners, and serious "do-it-yourselfers" have all discovered the incredible convenience of Roll-A-Ramp. Ideal for use with garden tractors, ATVs, snow blowers, virtually anything requiring a ramp to load.


Three Choices, Multiple Applications

30-inch & 26-inch wide single units, or 12" inch pair system with optional spacers to accommodate any width wheelchair.

Roll-A-Ramp gives more freedom and mobility to wheelchair and scooter users

Each lightweight section rolls up or folds quickly. Includes strap/handle for easy transport and storage.

  Adjustable Length
Easily adjusts for specific applications.

Each standard 12-inch x 8-foot section weighs only 26 lbs.

Made of revolutionary new high-tensile strength anodized aerospace aluminum.

Designed and built for years of rugged use.

Built-in safety rails ensure user safety.

  Smooth on and off
Each end slopes gradually for easy, jar-free access.

  Full 10-Year Warranty   Click here to see Accessories Available for the Roll-A Ramp

Interested? Got any questions? Email us or Order a Roll-A-Ramp video for $12.00 (shipping included) to show you all the great ways Roll-A-Ramp will accommodate your needs!



Handicap Inc. #131 Telescoping Ramps.

  • Simple & Practical

  • Light Weight (18 lbs)

  • Easy Carry Handles

  • Smooth Adjustment

  • Supports up to 440 Lb. load!

  • Durable Non-skid surface.

  • Stepless telescoping ramps comes as a set of two, 6 " wide tracks. Manufactures of anodized aluminum with nylon glide rails for smooth , quiet operation. Glide rails remove the danger of being pinched during extension or retraction. Extends to 8 ft 2 inches and retracts to 5 ft (57")

  • These ramps fully extended allows the user to easily negotiate inclines with a 15-19 " rise. Ramps may be shortened for lesser.

$650.00 and $48.00 shipping        

EXTRA LONG 10 ft ramps  $750.00 and $54.00 shipping        


If you are looking for aluminum ramps for houses or any other purpose, We are also a dealer of the ALUMI-RAMPS! All aluminum ramps to bridge the gaps in any situation you need.

email us if you need one with alumi-ramp in the subject!



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